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Gentle Movers provides two types of insurances for your protection without any additional cost to you, as well as extra protection for those wishing to acquire more coverage.


Standard Protection

Included standard with all moves.


Cargo Insurance
Up to $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars) based on 60 (sixty) cents per pound per article;


General Liability Insurance
Up to $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars).

Most building management companies require a Certificate of Insurance from the movers. This is a document that shows that the moving company carries the required insurances such as Workers Compensation insurance, general liability insurance and so on. Please give us your management company information when you schedule your move so that we can have our insurance agent fax the certificate to your building management company, just in case they do not already have it in their files.


For our clients who prefer to acquire more coverage than the above insurances provide, we offer Optional Protection Coverages (OPC).

Optional Protection Coverages (OPC)

What Are Optional Protection Coverages (OPC)?

You should be aware that the moving company's liability for any damage or loss is limited to a maximum of sixty (.60) cents per pound per article. We suggest that you consider purchasing additional protection coverage for your goods. OPC is designed to give you, the shipper, the option of having additional damage or loss protection for your goods.


While the moving company may be highly professional and will seek to ensure that no damage occurs to your goods, it must remembered that even the best makes an unfortunate mistake once in a while. OPC, though not an insurance policy, provides repair, replacement, or reimbursement for any damage or lost items attributable to the mover.


There are two types of OPC protection plans that give extended coverage for your goods over and above the mover's maximum liability of sixty cents per pound per item.



OPC Protection Plan One: Depreciated Protection Coverage (DPC)

Depreciated Protection Coverage provides you with repair, replacement, or reimbursement for damage or loss to your goods. The amount paid is based on an item's depreciated value. Depreciation is calculated at 10% per year.



OPC Protection Plan Two: Full Protection Coverage (FPC)

This is the best protection plan available. Full Protection Coverage, like DPC, provides you with repair, replacement, or reimbursement for damage or loss to your goods. However FPC, unlike DPC, will pay the entire cost (100%) of an item's repair, replacement or reimbursement at today's prices, without depreciation.



How Does the Plan Actually Work?

Allowed claims under the DPC or FPC protection plan are handled in the same manner. We will first seek to repair a damaged item. If the item cannot be repaired then we have the option of replacing the item or reimbursing to you the value of the item. If an item is lost, we have the option of replacing the item or reimbursing to you the value of the item.

Protection Plan Rates
The rates for DPC and FPC protection plans are based on the total value you declare for your shipment, in accordance with the fee schedule shown. Note: "ded." stands for "deductible".
Coverage $5000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
DPC, No Ded. $75 $150 $225 $300
DPC, $250 Ded. $50 $100 $150 $200
DPC, $500 Ded. $35 $75 $120 $165
FPC, No Ded. $95 $190 $285 $380
FPC, $250 Ded. $75 $150 $225 $300
FPC, $500 Ded. $50 $100 $150 $200



How Do I Value My Shipment?

If you aren't sure how much value to place on your shipment, we suggested that you apply the following formula to determine the value of your shipment. First, value each room in your apartment or home at 5,000.00, Then, add to that the total value of items of special value (paintings, crystal, antiques, etc.).

Your total from those two figures should be a proper valuation of your shipment.
NOTE: The above valuation is only a suggestion. Only you can determine the true value of your possessions.


What Must I Do at the Time of the Move?

After purchasing an OPC protection plan you must allow the mover to make a thorough inventory of your goods. The mover will record the condition of all tems that are being moved. If you do not allow the mover to make a thorough inventory of your goods then you automatically void OPC protection plan and we will not pay any claims you may make for damaged or lost goods.

You have the right to pack your goods. However, we are not responsible for items lost or damaged because of your packing. In the event an item you packed is lost or damaged, we will inspect the packaging to determine whether the loss or damage was a result of an improper packaging. If this is the case, your claim will be denied.

Many customers prefer to transport small valuable items themselves. If you choose to have the mover transport your valuables, you must have the mover list every item with a value of $250.00 or more on the movers' inventory sheet. If this is not done we will deny any claim you make for that item.


What Must I Do When My Goods Are Delivered?

At the time your goods are delivered to your apartment, home or business, the mover will ask you to sign the inventory sheet. This is known as taking "exception" to the existence or condition of an item on the inventory sheet.

Signing the inventory sheet is a declaration by you that all items listed on the inventory sheet were received and are in the condition listed on the inventory sheet. Do not sign the inventory sheet until you have listed all exceptions on the sheet. We realize that you can not unpack and examine the contents of every box at the time of delivery. Therefore, if damage occurs to the contents of a package which could not be known until the package was opened, we will not automatically deny a claim for damage or loss not reflected as an exception on the inventory sheet, you should note as an exception any damage to the exterior of a package, such as dents, creases, holes, etc.

By noting any exterior package damage as an exception you will aid us in determining when and how the damage or loss occurred.


Remember: You have the right to inspect goods at the time of delivery. If the mover does not allow you to inspect the goods and list all exceptions, do not sign the inventory sheet.

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