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Gentle Movers Is Your Local Mover.
For over three decades, we have been servicing your neighbors and relatives. Gentle Movers makes all of our customers smile, even the young ones, with the quality service we provide. For us, it is a matter of pride. You can depend on us to be gentlemen, and our service to be gentle.


Free Consultation
When you first plan your move, give Gentle Movers a call. We conduct in-home or over-the-phone consultations.
Our staff hand-tailors your move without obligation, regardless of the time required to assess your needs.
Get a call from us or Free online consultation
Free Consultation
Before the move, stop by our Moving Center where you can purchase boxes and other packing materials, talk with a moving consultant, browse our library of books, watch our videotapes on moving and packing, or take advantage of our "Precautionary Packing" class, taught by professionals with years of experience.
Guaranteed Care
On moving day, we guarantee the greatest care with each of your belongings. We promise not just with words, but with thick, cushionedpads and sturdy packing materials. We pad, wrap and strap all appliances, furniture and delicate upholstery prior to moving each item from your old location. The protection is not removed until each piece is exactly where you want it in your new location.
Our Quality Team
Our team strives to maintain the Quest for Quality with quick, courteous customer service. None of us at Gentle Movers smokes, drinks liquor – even if you are so kind as to offer such refreshments – or chews gum or tobacco on the job.
Get Supplies
Gentle Movers sells boxes and rents crates specially designed for your moves. We provide you with necessary labels and stationery for a smooth move. You can even order them online!
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Free Consultation
Gentle Movers Provides Indrusty-Leading Insurance for your protection without any aditional cost to you. For our clients who prefer to acquire more coverage than our insurances provide, we offer Optional Protection Coverages (OPC).
Learn more about protection
Free Consultation
Give Gentle Movers a call today, or contact us to receive a free estimate, learn more about our services, discover your options for additional insurance coverage, or review our references. We are eager to make your move a pleasant and a gentle one! If you have questions about your specific needs, you can speak with a live Relocation Specialist at (617) 333-3400 , or e-mail .
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